Aromasoul Elements Massage
Aromatherapy massage

A massage ritual that takes you on a journey through four worlds: the exotic Orient, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the vibrant world of India, and the cultures of desert tribes, the Berbers, for a complete sensorial experience. Each journey begins with the selection of an oil blend: Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian or Arabian. BENEFITS Relaxation and sense of balance and wellbeing. Eases muscle aches and pains. Renewed energy and vitality SKIN CONDITIONS Ideal for all skin conditions.

Aromasoul Ritual Scrub
Aromatherapy exfoliating cosmetic treatment

A unique renewing body ritual which can be enjoyed on its own, or combined with the AROMASOUL ELEMENTS MASSAGE RITUAL, which reflect the ancient traditions of the Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabian cultures. Bestows nourishment, youth and splendor to all skin types. BENEFITS Soft, smooth skin. Nourished and hydrated skin. Overall relaxation and wellbeing. SKIN CONDITIONS For all those who need a thorough body exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and retrieve soft, silky, nourished skin.

Aromasoul Back and Neck
Head and back partial massage

Relaxing and revitalizing treatment for head, neck and back. BENEFITS It relaxes muscles pain It improves blood circulation SKIN CONDITIONS Unisex ritual, ideal for all skin conditions.