Sun Soul Extra Cream SPF 50+

protecting anti-spot face sun cream

Water-resistant sun cream for the face with very high UVA and UVB protection. It protects against the aging mechanisms and photo-induced hyperpigmentation, and inhibits the appearance of skin spots while also contrasting the worsening of existing ones.

Recommended for very fair complexions prone to developing sunspots, for the initial period of sun exposure, and for those who burn
easily; for sensitive skin and to protect the skin after dermatological treatments (laser, peelings).

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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Product Ingredients

Biomimetic DNA-defense peptide 
Acerola extract
Hops fruit extract 
UVA-UVB photo-stable filters

69% natural origin ingredients

BENEFIT Product Benefits

UVA UVB water-resistant broad spectrum protection. 
Anti-aging for the protection and repair of the skin’s DNA. 
Anti-spot action for the prevention of sunspots.

Ideal before make-up.

60 ml - 2.02 fl.oz.US.