Man Space Age Performer

age recover serum

very effective serum to help contrast signs of aging due to the combined action of gentle exfoliant and anti-free radicals agents.


betaphroline™, bromelain in liposomes, malachite, Glycofilm™, wheat derivative


téphroline™, an extract from the tephrosia purpurea plant, favours the synthesys of beta-endorphins that control stress. Bromelain, an enzyme obtained from pineapple, is used in a liposome delivery system, to favour the turnover of cells, leaving the skin more compact and elastic. malachite, a precious mineral rich in copper, helps to stimulate cellular activity, rendering the skin healthy and luminous. thanks to its strong antioxidant action, it works in synergy with vitamin E to contrast skin aging caused by free radicals. glycofilm™, an anti-pollution agent creates a thin film to protect the skin from climatic environmental aggressions. a wheat derivative helps control skin shine.


apply to face and neck and massage to facilitate absorption.

50 ml 1.69 fl.oz.