Recent studies show that a growing number of people experience symptoms such as redness, tightness, prickling. Sensitive skins tend to overreact to the elements (wind, sun, heating), to cosmetics and even to water. Overexfoliating, prolonged stress and incorrect product usage can cause bouts of sensitivity even in healthy skins.

The new frontier of cosmetics is the use of ingredients that protect the good bacteria community and our cutaneous microbiota. REMEDY leverages the power of a natural prebiotic to promote skin health and to provide extra defense.

PREBIOTIC: from the enzymatic synthesis of sugars it helps fortifying the skin microbiota for a perfect cutaneous defense.

MARVEL OF PERU, MEXICAN HYSSOP: soothing plant extracts helping to reduce skin irritations and redness.

MARULA OIL: extracted from the seeds of a Southern African plant it replenishes the skin barrier lipids and fatty acids.