Body Strategist Thermo Cream

remodelling thermogenic cream

Cream for localized adipose cellulite. Formulated with pure caffeine, single-cell micro algae, and carnitine. Contributes to redefining the silhouette.

Suitable for resistant cellulite imperfections and in conjunction with localized adiposity (thighs, knees, calves, ankles).


ACTIVE INGREDIENTS Product Ingredients

Single-cell algae
Pure caffeine (1,5%) and carnitine

86% of ingredients of natural origin

BENEFITS Product Benefits

Remodelling action.
Soft consistency and nourishing.
Without silicones: replaced by nourishing oils and butters for a ”true active beauty” skin action.

RESULTS Product Results

For 80% of the panel the ripples appeared reduced*
-1 cm** average reduction of the thigh circumference*

* Independent lab tests_panel of 20 people_for 30 days
** Instrumental test

200 ml - 6.7 fl.oz. US.